Hello and welcome to my official website. I’d like to start by introducing myself and this website. My job title is a bit tricky to define. The media often refers to me in a number of ways, including, primatologist, anthropologist, wildlife expert, conservationist, explorer and female Indiana Jones.

I have a PhD in Anthropology, with a specialization in primates, so by ‘official’ training I am an Anthropologist/Primatologist. However, for almost ten years, I have worked as a wildlife correspondent on numerous television programs, including National Geographic’s television series ‘Ultimate Explorer’, ‘Explorer’ and ‘Out There’. I am also one of four elite explorers chosen to star in Mark Burnett’s (creator of ‘Survivor’ and ‘The Apprentice’) ‘Expedition Africa’ for the History Channel.

Regardless of what job title the media assigns, the bottom line is I love my wildlife. And as a consequence I lead a pretty wild life too! I love exploring the farthest and most remote corners of the world…and I love the magnificent creatures that roam the planet, so many of them on the verge of extinction. I have covered exciting and in-depth stories on giraffes, snakes, leopards, giant Humboldt squids, great white sharks and more! Also, there’s always (or very often) the reference of former NFL cheerleader. That is also correct, and though I admittedly am a cheerleader for conservation, don’t get the idea that I drag pom-poms into the jungle with me on expedition!